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Friday, August 28, 2009

Across America Redux: South Dakota

By the time we made it through North Dakota and in to the South one... we were bored.
The eastern part of the state offers a dismal view of vastness.  1880 did provide a bit of inspiration.  We're planning to build 1980 town across the way as competition.  Trust me... 1980 is waaaaayyyy cooler!
I will say South Dakota impressed us the closer we go toward the West.  The Badlands National Park was never on my "must-see" list.  Boy - was I wrong.  Have YOU seen it?  WOW!

Numerous friends said, "Oh!  You have to go to Wall Drug Store!"
The only place in the country where you have your choice of Jackalope paraphernalia: 
And this type of "art?"

Enough of that... and on to this:

Even with the sun in the absolute worst spot... the view was impressive.

Across America Redux: Final Stretch

Racing a nearing empty tank, grumbling stomachs and fading daylight... we ventured off the highway to see the infamous Devil's Tower in Wyoming.  This was as close as we chose to get.  Trust me - it's still quite far away, but quite impressive.
The next morning we ventured in to Yellowstone National Park for some incredible and eye-popping scenery.

Leave it to me to make a poor shoe decision.  While it was almost June... I forgot we were in the MOUNTAINS!  Note the snow:

FINALLY - a BUFFALO!!!! We waited three states to see this!
Sigmund - not too impressed.
Until we got to the Teton National Park.  Unbelievable.  It takes a lot to put me in awe... this was it.  They shoot straight up out of nowhere.  We had to pull over because PDX2NYC Photog and I couldn't take our eyes off of them.

3,600+ miles later: HOME.

This is 14 states worth of bugs...

And my entire NYC apartment (minus furniture) in the back to unpack.

Catching up... Graduation

The culmination of nine months of intense work and extreme adventure in the big city.  Graduation Day from Columbia University.
Do I look smarter?

You're looking at some of the most talented up-and-coming journalists in the country and around the world.  New York, South Africa, Denmark, Mexico, China, India...

Catching up... NYC

I know, I know... I'm so behind in my blogging.  It's hard to believe I've been back three months.  I won't go through and post ALL my photos from NYC, but here are some highlights.  This was my first trip to Brooklyn (Ya - I waited until my last month to get off the island).  This is a really cool bar called "Camp."  You obviously get the theme.
And smores!!!!!

Very cool.  Ok - I like Brooklyn, too.

A TV Lady's Lair

For a rare day, my suits are not crumpled on the floor and hung in place.
But that allowed me to do some counting and I'm a bit sick.
I have enough suits... JUST SUITS... to wear a different one every single day for two months.
That's not counting all the sweaters, dresses and shirts I wear.
Next time I complain about not having something to wear...
Slap me!
(Or just open the closet door and remind me.)

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Coast to Coast in 2.5 minutes

Ever wanted to travel across country... in 2.5 minutes?
Here's the video of the trip PDX2NYCPhotog and I took home from NYC back to Portland, OR.

Tuesday, August 04, 2009

I like this lady:

The Portland Mercury discovered this posted on SE Belmont.
I also spit out my coffee when I saw this today!