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Sunday, March 28, 2010

Feeling Crafty

Gray skies are deterring me from the ambitious hike in the Gorge I intended to take on this Sunday. Instead, I think I'll actually SEW with this fabric I recently purchased, rather than just admire it. I have a horrible habit of buying everything I need to complete a project, only to have it sit a in box for a year. In a dream world, I would pick fabric combinations and someone else would do the tedious work to make my vision a reality.
Now... where is that sewing machine?
Oh yes... as usual and per request... these will be aprons. But - these aprons are not the usual you've seen from me. Just wait and see....


Anonymous Bethany Learn - Fit2B Studio said...

I love your creations, friend! It always amazes me how no one person has only one side. We are all multi-faceted with many talents and abilities. Thanks for letting yours shine: on the news, on the waters of the Willamette and in your sewing!

9:27 PM

Anonymous Contractor Accountants said...

Nice dress

7:10 AM


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