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Sunday, March 28, 2010

Using a Pattern

Ok - can I say it? I'm so proud of myself!
I'm not trying to sound egotistical, just amazed I finally completed my first sewing project using... wait for it... A PATTERN!
The most difficult part was understanding the language - a call to CraftyMom helped with that.
Cutting straight lines and sewing straight lines - also a challenge.
From this distance - not bad! Just don't inspect my seams too closely.

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Feeling Crafty

Gray skies are deterring me from the ambitious hike in the Gorge I intended to take on this Sunday. Instead, I think I'll actually SEW with this fabric I recently purchased, rather than just admire it. I have a horrible habit of buying everything I need to complete a project, only to have it sit a in box for a year. In a dream world, I would pick fabric combinations and someone else would do the tedious work to make my vision a reality.
Now... where is that sewing machine?
Oh yes... as usual and per request... these will be aprons. But - these aprons are not the usual you've seen from me. Just wait and see....

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Learn to Dragon Boat Race

Doesn't this look exciting! Wouldn't you like to try it?

Come out and try dragon boating with my team, The Castaways!
We're having a free paddling clinic THIS SATURDAY.
You can come learn the stroke and spend a sunny morning on the Willamette River.
The best part - not only is the clinic free, but you get six weeks of free paddling, and your first race in Olympia next month is FREE!
The clinic starts @ 9 a.m. at RiverPlace in Southwest Portland. We meet by the flagpole.
See ya on the water.

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Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Why I've Been Away... Again

(Photo taken by Jewel Images, Julia Radlick)
After reviewing my wordpress attempt at a website/online portfolio that I threw together while in graduate school and shooting/editing/writing a documentary...
I decided it was time for an upgrade.
Check it out - let me know what you think.
Eventually, the videos will be embedding on the actual website.
I really enjoyed making it, but man! It was a time suck!
(And if you don't have flash - you can always go back to:

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