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Monday, January 22, 2007

Purse Passion

I'm obsessed with purses!
Here are a few I've recently knit... Then sewed together.
I've made many more of these, but given them away as gifts.
These are the few I opted to keep for myself!
Next purse project... Skip the knitting and sew one!
I've got two patterns I'm getting ready to start...
keep your fingers crossed!

My Very First Project

Don't Laugh!
(Ok, you can chuckle.)
These were the very first things I ever sewed... Aprons!
The back story: I spent A LOT on my sewing machine. (Let's just say I got taken.) Since I spent so much money on the machine, I had no money for fabric to begin sewing. So, I practiced on some cute dish towels and made these aprons. I was able to buy just a tiny bit of cute fabric and ribbon to add to them and make them look semi-cute.
I'm giving them to my Mother and Mother-in-law... they'll have to like them!

My Latest Hobby

Check out my new sewing machine!
It's a Janome and it's incredibly easy to use.
No, I don't REALLY know how to sew... YET!
I'm teaching myself and taking some lessons.
That's why some of the stuff I'm making looks a little cheesy.
Hey, I'll get better.

Every Good Dog...

Must have a great collar!
I love buying dog collars for Sigmund, but HATE paying so much for them!
So, my friend and I figured out how to make them with ribbon.
It's so fun to find unique, sometime vintage ribbon to make these.
But what I'm most proud of...
figuring out how to get the hardware for $1:
Can you say "Dollar Store?"