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Thursday, March 05, 2009

Trip to Toronto

Documentary filmmaking (I just like saying that - you all know it's just my thesis) took me to Toronto, Canada in January.  This was the lovely view from my hotel window:
PDX2NYC assisted me on this trip in exchange for a ticket and hotel.  (good deal!)  With only one interview, we rented a car and played tourist for the day.  Niagara Falls is stunning even in winter.  
The ice formations from the spray were each a piece of art.
And check out the darling gloves she found!  I can't wait to see her wear those on the subway or the vespa!


Blogger mrm velsingh said...

hai indian guy

nise and exlend your profile

8:35 AM

Blogger JessPDX said...

Amazing pictures! Can't wait for your thesis (documentary)

6:07 PM


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