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Saturday, November 01, 2008

Everybody LOVES Sarah!

Halloween 2008 -
I assumed every brunette in Manhattan would have the same idea: easy costume = Sarah Palin. Surprisingly, there were not that many of us in New York City.  Here's my version.  Note the $150,000 price tag from Neiman Marcus and the rhinestone flag and GOP pins.
The costume was quite the social experiment.  It was fascinating to walk down the street and get double takes.  I must have posed for 50 pictures with random strangers.  Even my friends found it interesting how many people were mesmerized by the costume, including the NYPD.
Lots of people tossed out rude comments related to the campaign and the election.  In NYC, they seem to like this guy a little more:
But us Sarah's are strong!  We can handle the trash talk.
(This is odd... President George Bush wanted to stop and say a prayer in the middle of the Greenwich Village Halloween mayhem and parade.)


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