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Thursday, October 30, 2008


P.D.T. = Please Don't Tell
But.. I'm going to anyway!
It's the name of another uber hip NYC secret spot.  There's no sign for the place and no front door.  You have to enter through Crif Dogs in the East Village:

And while you're there, you might as well chow down on some of these tasty dawgs (Veggies ones for me!)  But... don't get the fries.  NYC fries stink because they can't use the super bad-for-you oil.

To get inside PDT, you have to know to enter the phone booth and pick up the telephone.  If you're cool enough, you get to step beyond the secret door into this:

I'm not sure Patrick and I are "cool," we think it must have just been a slow night!
(These photos are mostly courtesy: New York Magazine)


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