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Saturday, October 06, 2007

Italy: Moto Mania

Vespa, Vespa, and more Vespas!!!
I know there's some Italian in me somewhere,
I envied every moto-driving hottie in Rome!
Here are my top five "Only in Italy" scooter observations:
1. Ladies riding in short skirts and high heels, carrying purses.
2. Cell phones jabbed in to helmets to they can ride and ride.
3. Blackberry-using scooter rider.
4. Puppy on a moto! (Watch out Sigmund!)
5. It's every moto for themselves!
Also - what's the deal with everyone honking all the time?
Motos, cars, cabbies, the trolley, buses, bicycles...
they all honk all the time!
And if you want to cross the street in Rome -
First, pray.
Second, get in your running stance.
Third, run!
Drivers don't even slow down for pedestrians.


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