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Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Ribbon, Ribbon, Ribbon!!!

Check out all my new ribbon!!!
Can you say dog collars?
I've been raiding all the Dollar Stores in town, picking up cheap dog collars.
I just need the hardware because it's so expensive everywhere else.
To make the collars fun,
I ordered these ribbons from J Caroline.
I can't decide which ones I like best!
That's the problem with dog collars...
I want to keep them all for Sigmund!


Blogger Patrick said...

And to think there USED to be a fabric store across the street from our loft. That is the equivalent of Bub's living across from a crack dealer, or me living across from a bike shop. I rode by "The Whole Nine Yards" today and could only thank them that they had moved across town.....

8:54 PM


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