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Thursday, September 27, 2007

Italy: Ancient Rome

You might say... this stuff is old!

After an 18 hour flight, Patrick and I decided the best thing to do was ignore jet lag and get out and WALK. So we checked in to The Bee Hive, ditched our backpacks, scarfed down some yummy organic, vegetarian breakfast, (don't worry, we pigged out on bad stuff, too!) and then hit the cobblestones.

First stop, tourist destination numero uno - The Colosseum - THE Roman monument. As incredible as it was to see, and try to imagine how it was built... strangely, I felt sad there. It's hard to believe tens of thousands of people died unnecessarily inside something as magnificent. Needless to say... I was glad we paid to take the tour because I learned a lot!

This is where we headed next...

The Roman Forum is this incredible outdoor architecture museum! It's so impressive to see the pieces of the temples, houses, and Corinthian columns that still exist from 2nd century B.C. That's hard to get your head around.

From there, we wandered the city to scout future gelaterias. We strolled through local parks and watched families play their Sunday evenings away.

The whole time we kept saying... We finally made it to Italy!


Anonymous sigmund said...

Make that millions of people died there.

Also we need to get on the papermache rock and roll fingers for cyclocross season!!!!

4:42 PM


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